A legacy of distinction

Custom Home Builders in Arizona

One of the most reputable luxury home builders for 70 years

Since 1948, the Nanke family has served as one of the finest design-build firms, manifesting the dream homes of the most prestigious clients. For decades they’ve delivered a level of expertise and craftsmanship that only four generations of Master Builders can deliver. Trained in the Master-Apprentice traditions of European Graduate Builders, the Nanke family to this day implements the highest standards of Master Italian Stone Masons and German Master Carpentry, coupled with the latest innovations of the modern building industry. With a portfolio of custom homes spanning throughout northern, central, and southern Arizona, Nanke Signature Group is a team of highly skilled craftsmen setting the standard for the modern home building industry.

Custom home builders in Prescott, AZ since 1948, Nanke Signature Group.
Left to right: Our father and grandfather, Don Nanke with his father-in-law,
our grandfather and great grandfather, Caroll Madole. Rigby House, custom home Sedona AZ 1948

Luxury executive homes with an artisan touch

– artisan builders delivering exclusive, artisan homes –

Nanke Signature Group has always uniquely employed and partnered with a number of artists to refine every detail of a client’s personal estate. The work of these partnerships is a labor of passion influencing and making each Nanke Signature series home an exclusive, personalized piece of art. By curating such a team of artists and artisans, Nanke Signature Group provides a range of exclusive home options: from custom cabinetry to an array of bespoke lighting varieties, furniture, doors, home décor, and much more. In this way, you’re truly working with a company who can accomplish your grandest vision for your Dream Home, as Nanke Signature Group is a homebuilding team unlike any other, who can provide a complete one-of-a-kind luxury home.


Where we design and build

Luxury home design and construction throughout
northern, central, and southern Arizona

Inspired by the beauty of Arizona’s diverse landscape, Don Nanke and his brother-in-law, Howard Madole, relocated with their families to Sedona in the late 1940’s. The designs and craftsmanship of their custom homes in Sedona brought a level of quality almost nonexistent to the area at that time. Word quickly spread, and soon they were designing and building residential and commercial buildings throughout Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Prescott. Today, Nanke Signature Group continues Don and Howard’s legacy of exceptional artistry, as noted in the work of their custom homes across the luxury home markets of Arizona.

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About Us

“As a family and company, Nanke Signature Group has an obligation to uphold the reputation we’ve earned today by providing outstanding customer service and delivering a superior product for our clients, maintaining the highest standards of morals and integrity that encompass the values of what is more than just our business, but furthermore, our passion.”

– Nanke Signature Group –

Nanke Signature Group, a family-owned and -operated company, has built luxury custom homes for 70 years. The tradition all began in Sedona, Arizona, where General Contractor Don Nanke, along with his brother-in-law and renowned mid-century modern architect Howard Madole, developed a precedent for the city’s home building industry. Their creative legacy inspired others, and as young teenagers, Don’s sons, John and Todd Nanke, started working in construction under their father and Uncle Howard, learning every facet of the building industry from masonry to finish carpentry and architecture. Today, John, Nanke Signature Group Owner and General Contractor, and Todd, its Chief Architectural Designer, carry on Don and Howard’s legacy, upholding the reputation of an elite, custom luxury home building partnership that can accomplish the otherwise deemed impossible. In 2014, John’s son, Jared Nanke, became the fourth generation of Nanke Signature Group, ushering a fresh perspective to an already diverse and creative team as its Creative Director. Acquiring partial ownership in 2015, it’s been Jared’s greatest ambition to grow and diversify the company to better serve and care for the needs of their admired and respected clientele.

Our Philosophy

For us, it’s much more than just another house

At Nanke Signature Group, we believe a home is sacred, in what many others would consider just a three-dimensional structure. For us, it sets a stage for daily life, encapsulating memories, thoughts, personalities, and imagination. The space becomes our client’s personal canvas, realized through our passionate team of artists.